The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


What is the war in Ukraine about and who benefits from it
The only good for the Ukrainian people is an immediate cessation of hostilities and a solution to the basic political problem at the bottom of the Ukrainian crisis: choosing a path.
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The manifesto of the Representative office of the Ukrainian people
The solution we offer the Ukrainian people is a way out of this situation, a way to escape from a great danger. From threats of disappearance, dissolution in other nations, loss of personality.
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The peace plan of the Ukrainian people
The right of peoples to self-determination is contained in the fundamental document of the United Nations. On the basis of this right and in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, we present The Peace Plan of the Ukrainian People.
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Declaration of Defense of the Ukrainian People
We take our own destiny, the destiny of our born and unborn descendants into our own hands. We proclaim the restoration of our own sovereignty, the sovereignty of the Ukrainian people. We are restoring rule of the people.
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