The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


What is the war in Ukraine about and who benefits from it


It is generally accepted in NATO countries to believe that Ukraine is a victim of aggression, fighting for freedom, democratic values and a world order based on rules. Many countries of the world provide military assistance to Ukraine, they believe that peace is possible only after a military victory over Russia. Their leaders are constantly talking about the good for the Ukrainian people.

But none of these countries asked the Ukrainian people what is good for them.

Let's take a closer look at the problem.


Myth 1. Victim of aggression

The entire Ukrainian political myth is built on the need for war with Russia. The war has become the center of Ukrainian state policy since 2014, after the coup d'état named “Maidan”. The killing of civilians in Donbass under the guise of an Anti-terrorist operation was organized by Petr Poroshenko and his government, the goal was to block 8 million disloyal voters on the eve of the elections and turn public attention from Crimea, transferred to Russia in exchange for recognition of the legitimacy of the power of the “Maidan”. The next 8 years of terror, torture, rape, kidnapping, destruction of civilian infrastructure was presented as a “war with Russia”. De facto, a full-fledged civil war began in Ukraine after the coup d'etat, which was temporarily "frozen" by the signing of the Minsk Agreements.


Myth 2. Freedom fighter

 Over the past 9 years in Ukraine a totalitarian regime has been formed. It has eliminated opposition and free media, imposed harsh censorship and repression of any dissent. The country has a mandatory ideology, which is directly prohibited by the Constitution. Political prisoners are kept in prisons, and many have been killed for their public position. The government and its paramilitary structures are carrying out linguicide of the Russian language, extermination of citizens on the basis of their national and religious affiliation. Ukrainian men are hostages, unable to leave the country. These people are burned in the fire of war against their will, but in the interests of third countries.


Myth 3. European choice

The Ukrainian people did not vote for the choice of the country's external course, they never chose joining the EU and NATO. Such a course was forced into the preamble of the Constitution in 2019. More than half of the residents of Ukraine have always been in favor of the alliance with Russia and against Euro-Atlantic integration, for the equal status of the Russian language and the preservation of their cultural traditions. They were forcibly deprived of such a choice, which led to a civil war.

The referendums, in which the residents of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk Regions expressed their disagreement with the 2014 coup d'état and chose a different path for themselves, were declared an act of separatism. The basic right to self-determination, guaranteed by the UN Charter, has become the basis for the use of the army and illegal armed groups against its own citizens. And the referendums on joining Russia in the Zaporozhye and Kherson Regions in 2022 are a reason for mass terror.

At the same time, according to the UN, after commencement of hostilities, more than 3 million Ukrainians left for Russia, more than for any other country. At the moment, more than 12 million Ukrainians live in Russia, which is approximately 25-30% of the entire Ukrainian people. 


Myth 4. Russia is an eternal enemy

Ukrainian politicians constantly name the main reason for the war as Russia's historical hatred of “everything Ukrainian”, primarily the desire for freedom. However, for 200 years, the main enemy for Ukrainians was Poland, which really suppressed any freedoms. Bohdan Khmelnytsky brought Ukraine to Russia because of the policy of the Polish crown. The official hero of Ukraine Stepan Bandera, his Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists was born from the fight against the Polish authorities, for which they remain criminals and terrorists. Only in alliance with Russia, Ukraine was able to preserve its language and culture, received the borders of 1991, the economy, science and a place in the UN. Calling this period an occupation, Ukrainian politicians automatically deny the territorial acquisitions made during the imperial and Soviet periods, in particular, the former Taurida Governorate with the Crimean peninsula.


Myth 5. Victory is possible

The longer the war goes on, the more Ukraine plunges into disaster. According to sociologists, its population is already 29 million people, of which only 7 million work and pay taxes. Most of those who left for the EU countries, the USA, Canada and Russia do not express their readiness to return.

The basic sectors of the economy, created in the Soviet period, degraded even before the hostilities, and are now destroyed. Ukraine is rapidly turning into a backward “third world” country. Its episodic military successes are entirely based on Western supplies of weapons and ammunition. But such assistance will never be provided in the area of industrialization, reconstruction and development. The purpose of Ukraine's existence is to inflict maximum damage on Russia. In this war, Ukraine will die, even if it “wins”.

The only good for the Ukrainian people is an immediate cessation of hostilities and a solution to the basic political problem at the bottom of the Ukrainian crisis: choosing a path.