The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Address to Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki

The representation of the Ukrainian people appealed to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki, urging him to stop participating in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and to deal with the problems of Poland, which is his main job.

“You have repeatedly stated that “the Ukrainian people are now fighting for European values and European freedom”, so the EU and specifically Poland should fully support the hostilities in Ukraine and the Zelensky regime. However, this statement is deeply erroneous, since Ukraine is ruled by a political regime that officially professes the Bandera an ideology that has destroyed any political opposition and free media, a regime that has introduced total censorship and terror, perpetrating reprisals against any dissent, violating any laws and the Constitution of Ukraine," the document says.

The mission explains that the citizens of Ukraine are actually hostages, unable to leave the territory controlled by the Zelensky regime. They are burned in the fire of war against their will, but in the interests of third countries, such as yours, acting in their own interests, and not in the interests of the Ukrainian people.

"We call on you, Mr. Prime Minister, to stop participating in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and to deal with the problems of Poland, which is your main job. As for European freedoms, they will be fully respected if the Ukrainian people themselves determine their own in an open referendum fate and choose their future. As a historian, you are well aware that historically the southeastern part of Ukraine gravitates towards Russia, its inhabitants mainly speak Russian and are carriers of Russian culture. These are the people who are forcibly deprived of their identity in Ukraine, insulted, trample on their civil rights. The right of these people is to choose the conditions in which they would live without constant humiliation and violence from the Zelensky regime and paramilitary non-state structures. Many Ukrainian regions have already chosen their future together and as part of the Russian Federation," Secretary of the Mission Dmitry Vasilets.

Attached to the letter was the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people, which our Office proposes to effectively resolve the political crisis: to stop hostilities and give people the opportunity to make key decisions about their fate in accordance with the UN Charter, the Constitution of Ukraine and those European values that are in words defended by Premier Morawiecki.

"We, the official and legitimate Representation of the Ukrainian people, established within the framework of the Constitution of Ukraine, inform about the start of work on the implementation of the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people and express the hope that, in addition to grandiloquent words about the welfare of the Ukrainian people, actions will follow from the Polish state. Therefore, we always open for dialogue and ready for any form of cooperation that brings peace to our native land," the document sums up.