The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


The relics of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra must remain in the Lavra

Any attempts to move Christian relics from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra are unacceptable and are a crime associated with encroachment on the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian and Russian people and repeats the actions of the Nazi occupiers who did the same in 1941. This was stated by the Secretary of the Representation of the Ukrainian people Dmytro Vasilets, commenting on the information of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation about the plans of the Ukrainian authorities and UNESCO to carry out the removal of relics under the pretext of saving them from "missile attacks". 

"Lavra is the historical center of Eastern Orthodoxy, one of the first monasteries of Russia, the common property of our peoples and at the same time an object of the world cultural heritage. All the recent actions of the Kiev regime against it are a far greater threat than any military action. And if the plans to export the Lavra relics to Europe have real grounds, it is only a continuation of the policy of destroying one's own country, which has been purposefully carried out for the past nine years. Certainly, this includes the destruction of the cultural heritage of Russia, which was abandoned by the ruling party of neo-Nazis", - he emphasized. 

For its part, the Representative Office intends to address UNESCO with explanations concerning the belonging of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and those threats to the world cultural heritage, which the activity of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the political organization PCU, paramilitary and other structures connected with the power. In our opinion, everything that was preserved on the territory of the monastery cannot be taken out of it under any pretexts.