The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Demand from France to grant citizenship to Ukrainian refugees in three months under a simplified procedure

A real help to Ukrainians from the French state would be a simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship and participation in the implementation of the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people. This is stated in an appeal of the Representation of the Ukrainian People to the French president and prime minister sent on 4 July.

As noted in the document, by taking a direct part in the war in Ukraine, primarily through the supply of weapons, France increases the amount of destruction and deaths on our land and contributes to the increase in the number of refugees. At the same time, mass riots in the streets of French cities show that the social policy of the state and the EU as a whole is unable to solve the social problems of refugees from other countries.

"France only multiplies both Ukrainian and its own problems. The policy you are pursuing will in no way help Ukraine to achieve a better life and prosperity. Among other things, because you are not able to provide neither equal money for building a just society, nor a model of such a society. In this regard, the Representative Office of the Ukrainian People proposes practical steps aimed at a practical solution to the problems described above. The best way to help Ukrainians who have found themselves in France against their will would be a simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship, which would allow them to obtain a French passport within three months," the letter says. 

As for France's involvement in the war between Ukraine and Russia, the only way to help the Ukrainian people, the Representative Office believes, is to stop hostilities on the territory of the country, lift restrictions on leaving the country and allow Ukrainian citizens to directly and freely express their choice of their fate in a referendum. In accordance with European standards of democracy and the UN Charter, the right of peoples to self-determination. The detailed Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people, which the Mission openly proposes, is attached to the letter. 

"We call on you to stop the suicidal for the Ukrainian people war for the interests of the NATO bloc and become a party calling for peace. In this you can always count on our full understanding and cooperation," summarizes the appeal to the French leaders.

As is known, since February last year France has accepted only about 115 thousand refugees from Ukraine. At the same time, 88 thousand people received temporary residence permits (APS) in France. These documents are issued to adult foreigners and entitle them to work, medical care, schooling for children, temporary housing and allowances.