The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Latvia should recognize mistakes and support the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people

On the eve of the NATO summit that will open next week in Vilnius, the Representative Office of the Ukrainian People has officially addressed the heads of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia with a proposal to refuse to participate in the war in Ukraine. As the secretary of the Representation of the Ukrainian People, Dmytro Vasilets, notes, all claims by the presidents of the Baltic republics that "free democratic Ukraine is fighting for democratic European values" are deeply mistaken.

"The Ukrainian people never chose the course to join the EU and NATO, it was imposed by force and illegally introduced in the preamble of the Constitution. All freedoms in our country have been destroyed, along with political opposition and free media. The Zelensky regime has imposed total censorship and terror, massacres any dissent, tramples laws, the Constitution of Ukraine and any "European values". War with Russia was the main goal of the real masters of Ukraine, the entire policy of the country since 2014 has been built on the need to "forge the nation" in the fire of war," the letter says.

The Lithuanian head of the Representation urged to stop participating in the murder of Ukrainians and to deal with the problems of their countries, the poorest in the European Union. "As for European freedoms, they will be fully respected if the Ukrainian people in an open referendum determine their own fate and choose their future - with Russia, the EU or some other. This is one of the main positions of our proposed Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people," the appeal emphasizes.