The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Lithuania must stop facilitating the killing of Ukrainians

Today, the Representative Office of the Ukrainian People officially sent a letter to the President of the Republic of Lithuania, Gitanas Naousede, with explanations on the topic of "Ukraine's aspiration to NATO".

Representatives of the Ukrainian people reminded that no referendum on "Ukraine's accession to NATO" was held, the Zelensky regime brazenly violates the Constitution, banned opposition parties and media, and the Lithuanian president, instead of contributing to the murder of Ukrainians by supplying various weapons to the Kiev regime, would do well to take care of Lithuanian affairs.

Also, in addition to the letter to the Republic of Lithuania was sent the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people, which implies the removal of the Zelensky regime from power and the holding of referendums on self-determination in those areas of Ukraine in which it has not yet been held.

The full text of the letter is presented below:

To the President of the Republic of Lithuania

Mr. Gitanas Nausėda

Mr. President,

On the eve of the NATO summit to be held in Vilnius, we would like to express our condemnation to you on behalf of millions of Ukrainians who do not support the policy of the current Kiev regime. The country you lead and you personally take an active part in the murder of our fellow citizens and the irreversible destruction of Ukraine in the interests of the main NATO countries, multiplying the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

In one of your speeches you said that "Ukraine is fighting for each of us. Every day, with the blood of Ukrainians, it confirms that it is the staunchest defender of Western values". All these statements are wrong. Our country is ruled by a political regime that officially professes Nazi ideology, has destroyed political opposition and free media; a regime that has imposed total censorship and terror, massacring any dissent, flouting the laws, the Constitution of Ukraine and any "Western values". War with Russia was his main goal, and the country's entire policy since 2014 has been built on the need to "forge a nation in the fire of war with Russia."

Ukrainian citizens from 18 to 60 years old in the territory controlled by Zelensky are now hostages, unable to leave the NATO bloc's war with Russia in Ukraine and connect with their families. These people are being burned in a senseless slaughter against their will, but for the benefit of the US, Britain, Poland and other countries acting in their own interests, but not in the interests of the Ukrainian people.

We call on you, Mr. President, to come to your senses and stop participating in the murder of Ukrainians and to deal with the problems of Lithuania, which is your main job. As for European freedoms, they will be fully respected if the Ukrainian people determine their own fate in an open referendum and choose their future - with Russia, the EU or some other. This is one of the main positions of our proposed Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people, which is attached to this letter as an annex. We urge the leadership of the Republic of Lithuania to study the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people in detail and make every effort to implement it.

We are always open for dialog and ready for any form of cooperation that will bring peace to our native land.

Head of the Representative Office of the Ukrainian People Dmytriy Vasilets