The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Mission demands Slovakia end support for Zelensky

Today, the representative office of the Ukrainian people sent an official letter to the President of the Slovak Republic, Mrs. Zuzana Chaputova, demanding the end of support for the Zelensky regime and a detailed consideration of the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people, which was attached to the letter.

The representation of the Ukrainian people draws the attention of the leadership of Slovenia to the fact that the Zelensky regime has banned the opposition in the country and objectionable media, and the Ukrainian people are being used as "cannon fodder" in a foreign war.

The full text of the letter is presented below:


President of the Slovak Republic

Ms. Zuzana Chaputova

Dear Madam President,

The whole world knows your active position in supporting the Zelensky regime in the war with Russia, in particular, in the form of the transfer of a number of weapons. In addition, Slovakia is an ally of the Ukrainian authorities in their desire to join the EU and NATO.

However, all your actions only exacerbate the suffering of the Ukrainian people and the destruction of our country. The assertion that Ukraine is fighting for freedom and European values is deeply erroneous, since it is controlled by a political regime that officially professes neo-Nazi ideology and has established a regime of total lack of freedom. In Ukraine, any opposition and free media have been destroyed, hundreds of political prisoners are in prisons, and many were simply killed for their opinion. Here, an official policy of linguocide in relation to the Russian language is carried out, any laws, the Constitution of Ukraine are violated. Therefore, the “European values” declared by the Zelensky regime are empty beautiful words without real content.

Citizens of Ukraine are actually hostages, unable to leave the territory controlled by the Zelensky regime. These people are burned in the fire of war against their will, but in the interests of third countries. At the same time, the Ukrainian people have never chosen a course towards the EU and NATO, they were forcibly introduced into the preamble of the Constitution of Ukraine without a referendum in violation of the Constitution and are one of the main reasons for the split of society and the main reason for the war.

We urge you, Madam President, to stop participating in the killing of Ukrainians. As for European freedoms, they will be fully respected if the Ukrainian people decide their own fate in an open referendum and choose their future - with Russia, the EU or something else. This is one of the main positions of the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people proposed by us, the full text of which is attached to the letter.

Despite your destructive stance in supporting the Zelensky regime, we propose to create a working group to promote our peace initiatives at the international level and believe that your assessment of the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people will be a good start for the creative initiatives of the Slovak Republic in Ukraine.

We are always open for dialogue and ready for any form of cooperation that brings peace to our native land.


Representations of the Ukrainian people Dmytriy Vasylets