The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


"Go to the side of the people." A concept on the status of POW soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been developed

On the air of the Mriya TV channel, delegates of the Representation of the Ukrainian People Oleksandr Semchenko and Dmytro Vasylets formulated the fundamentals of legislation for soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine who are ready to fight against the Zelensky regime together with the Ukrainian people and the Russian army.

As the Secretary of the Representation Dmitry Vasilets noted, the main motive for the citizens of Ukraine, who were forcibly mobilized and sent to the front line, was the understanding of the fact that they did not betray anyone and were true to their oath.

"The text of the Ukrainian oath does not contain a single word about NATO, the EU or the Zelensky regime, it speaks of loyalty to the people of Ukraine and observance of the Constitution. The Ukrainian people do not support this government, which has trampled on our Constitution. And the Russian army is not at war with the people. The war is against the occupation regime. A third of Ukrainians have already chosen a different fate for themselves together and as part of Russia, and we are ready, on behalf of the people, to give the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine an opportunity to go over to the side of the Ukrainian people and the Russian army, or to receive asylum on the territory of the Russian Federation until the end of hostilities action," he said.

According to the concept proposed by the Representative Office, the status of a prisoner of war with subsequent deprivation of liberty and the opportunity to get into another exchange (returning to the front) in Russia should receive a broader interpretation. Thus, the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who voluntarily transferred, with weapons and equipment, as individuals or as part of units, clearly differ from those who were captured from hopelessness in combat conditions. Those who do not want to fight and intend to become part of Russian society cannot be held in prisons with those who knowingly fought against Russia. And those who would like to turn their weapons against the regime of the traitor Ukrainian people Zelensky should be able to conclude a contract with the Russian army and fight together with tens of thousands of Ukrainians in the ranks of the Russian army against a common enemy.

“Our history knows examples of the formation of national armies, which then fought together with the Red Army, including from prisoners of war. People on the other side of the front line need to get rid of the feeling that they are betraying someone. In fact, they are now betraying the people of Ukraine, fighting on the other side in the war that NATO unleashed against Russia and are waging it on the territory of Ukraine through the hands of Ukrainians, thus depriving them of their tasks of depopulating the Slavs, reducing their number,” said a member of the Council of Representatives, Doctor of Political Sciences Alexander Semchenko.

According to the Representation of the Ukrainian People, it is much better for counterintelligence to work behind the lines with the prisoners, weeding out NATO agents and saboteurs, than grinding thousands of people in combat. In this regard, the concept of the draft law will soon be submitted to the leading political parties of the Russian Federation and to the State Duma of the Russian Federation.