The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Russia must use its most formidable weapon - Vasilets

Russia's strongest weapon that will help to come to victory will be the creation of such conditions, when the truth about the true state of affairs would melt into a mass transition of AFU soldiers to the side of the Russian army and the Ukrainian people. This is stated in an article by the secretary of the Representation of the Ukrainian people Dmytriy Vasylets. 

"First of all, on the part of Russia, we need a law that allows AFU soldiers, after being filtered for involvement in war crimes, to be able to fight in the Russian Army together with other Ukrainians against the Zelensky regime under a contract with the Russian Defense Ministry. This requires a special legal status, for example, "people's militia", which would allow not to surrender to the Russian army, but would provide for the transition to the side of the Ukrainian people, against whom the Zelensky regime and its masters are waging war. Then the AFU soldiers would not need to betray the oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people," he said.

As Vasilets emphasized, with the existence of such a law, soldiers and commanders of the AFU, who have not committed war crimes, should be given the right to stay out of Russian prisons. The procedure of filtering and checking for involvement in war crimes should be regulated and limited in time, because now the imprisonment of former Ukrainian soldiers can last forever. 

"Creating conditions for the use of truth as a weapon fits perfectly with Russian President Vladimir Putin's assertions that no one is at war against the Ukrainian people, but are at war against those who are essentially holding the Ukrainian people hostage, killing and terrorizing. To our Ukrainian opinion leaders are constantly receiving data from various soldiers and officers of the NATO PMC "VSU" on the readiness for action on the transition on condition of guarantees of freedom and self-realization, therefore, the situation with the adoption of the necessary legislative framework in the Russian Federation is overdue and overripe", - is indicated in the material. 

In this regard, the Representation of the Ukrainian people urges to maximize the need for the adoption of the relevant law to the deputies of the State Duma of Russia and other subjects of legislative initiative.