The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Humanitarian direction will be headed by Viktor Shevchenko

In connection with the ongoing hostilities, on April 12, at a meeting of the Representation of the Ukrainian people, it was decided to structure and strengthen humanitarian activities aimed at supporting Ukrainian refugees who lost everything in the war. In this regard, Viktor Shevchenko is appointed to the position of head of the humanitarian direction.

From 04/12/2023, the management of the activities of already operating humanitarian organizations, such as Mutual Aid Here and others, will be carried out under the leadership of Viktor Shevchenko.

The representation of the Ukrainian people thanks the Russians who disinterestedly provide their housing for a period of 6 to 8 months to our compatriots as part of the activities of the Mutual AidTUT Foundation. Thanks to you, thousands of families who lost their homes in the war have the opportunity to get back on their feet and establish a normal life.

We express our special gratitude to all sponsors who regularly provide humanitarian assistance (food packages, clothes, essentials) to Ukrainian refugees throughout Russia. Your help is now urgently needed and timely.