The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Ukrainian people condemn the Canadian government for glorifying Nazism

The representation of the Ukrainian people on behalf of millions of Ukrainians condemns the glorification of Nazi criminals by the Government and Parliament of Canada.


It is well known that all members of the SS formations were condemned by the Nuremberg Tribunal for crimes against humanity. The fact that a Nazi criminal from the 14th Galician SS Division, Jaroslav Gunka, lived peacefully in Britain and Canada until he was 98 years old is evidence of Nazi complicity at the highest level. The apology of the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons, Anthony Roth, for inviting an elderly SS man to Parliament is a formality to cover up the fact that he and his kind were sheltered from punishment. What they are now trying to pass off as a "mistake and accident" is actually part of a bigger problem: the revival of Nazism in NATO countries. 


It has long been no secret that as part of various anti-Soviet organizations, primarily the "Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Peoples", Nazis who were given asylum in the United States, Britain and Canada were actively used for destructive work against the USSR. And later the virus of Nazi ideology was transferred to independent Ukraine after the coup d'état of 2014.


That is why there is now a war against Nazism in Ukraine, and Canadian politicians, among others, are directly involved.