The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


The International Religious Freedom Alliance should follow its principles

The International Religious Freedom Alliance (IRFBA), of which Ukraine is a member, has not yet made any statement on the destruction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Although the official declaration of the Alliance states that its goal is to promote respect for freedom of religion and belief and to protect members of religious minorities around the world. This is stated in the official appeal of the Representative Office of the Ukrainian people, sent to the organization.


"To achieve the set goals, it is even possible to introduce targeted sanctions against countries where there is a problem of oppression of religious freedoms. The problem of oppression of religious freedoms exists in Ukraine. But we do not see any sanctions against it," the document notes, which also lists specific cases of violence against individuals on the basis of religion, discrimination and systematic violations and abuses of the right to worship or belief. 


As the Mission notes, many believers belonging to the UOC are discriminated against on a daily basis, yet the Alliance "maintains a mysterious silence." "It timely condemned Russia's actions, following the Western political trend. However, it is in no hurry to fulfill its direct duties, which allows us to conclude, gentlemen, about your hypocrisy, double standard policy and uselessness of the Alliance's existence," the letter reads. 


According to the secretary of the Representative Office, Dmytriy Vasylets, the only way to prove that these assumptions are erroneous is to immediately start fulfilling the assumed obligations and protect the rights of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its faithful in accordance with the declared principles.