The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Ukrainian volunteers received an armored vehicle

The Representative Office of the Ukrainian people on the basis of the Russian Union of Veterans handed over to the front line a prepared armored vehicle loaded with gear and equipment necessary for the fighters. It is needed by Ukrainian volunteers fighting against the Kiev regime and went to the first company of the legendary Vostok battalion.


"I would like this tradition to continue, and we will continue to hold joint actions for our guys, who today with weapons in their hands are fighting for the bright future of our fraternal peoples. I would like to wish everyone success and new victories in the fight against fascism", - said the Deputy Chairman of the Union of Veterans, Major General Alexander Bychkov at the ceremony. 


According to the secretary of the Representation of the Ukrainian People Dmytro Vasylts, the armored car was bought and equipped on personal contributions of the organization's leadership. "As you know, now in the ranks of the Russian Army against NATO proxy troops are fighting tens of thousands of Ukrainians, shoulder to shoulder with Russians, Chechens, Buryats, Bashkirs, Ossetians and others, peoples. In communication with the fighters on the front line, taking into account the needs of the front, we contribute to the cause of the common Victory", - said Vasilets.


The Representative Office of the Ukrainian People plans to send everything necessary for the Victory to the front on a regular basis.