The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


We support peace between Israel and Palestine


The Representative Office of the Ukrainian People condemns the actions of the Government of Israel against civilians in the Gaza Strip and insists on a speedy settlement of the situation. 

Аctions by radical military organizations from the Gaza Strip is no reason to violate international customs and rules of warfare. In the twenty-first century, the "collective punishment" of an entire people for the actions of various radical armed groups is a direct violation of international law. 

The indiscriminate bombing of residential neighborhoods, the complete blockade of the Gaza Strip and the absence of green corridors for refugees is, according to all international norms, a war crime and a crime against humanity for which punishment will irreversibly follow. 

We agree the majority of the Jewish people and the civilized world, which advocates the cessation of hostilities and the implementation of the UN resolution that, in order to prevent confrontation, places an obligation on Israel to promote the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. 

Any actions and public calls for war crimes by Israeli officials, in our deepest conviction, is an attempt to discredit the entire Jewish people and leads to more bloodshed in the future.