The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Bulgarian PM urged not to kill Ukrainian Bulgarians

By publicly supporting Ukraine's accession to NATO and supplying the Kiev regime with weapons, Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov becomes an accomplice in the killing of people, including Ukrainian Bulgarians subject to forced mobilization. This is stated in a letter sent by the Representative Office of the Ukrainian people to the head of the Bulgarian government. 


"In the consciousness of the Russian and Ukrainian people Bulgaria has always been a brotherly country. The Bulgarian diaspora in Ukraine is the largest in the world, and these people are also part of the Ukrainian people, who are being destroyed in a war alien to them. A war unleashed against Russia by the Western countries, where the Ukrainian people are just a pawn and expendable material," the document says. 


As Secretary of the Representative Office Dmytro Vasilets emphasized, it was the course of foreign policy imposed on Ukrainians by force that became one of the causes of the war, and the political regime in Kiev aimed to unleash this war. "Half or more of Ukrainians have always been against joining NATO and the EU. However, the totalitarian, neo-Nazi regime established in the country, committing massacres against any dissent, trampling on the laws, the Constitution of Ukraine, has never been interested in the opinion of citizens," Vasilets said.


As a consequence, these citizens are now hostages, unable to leave the territory of the country. They are being burned in the fire of war in the interests of the United States and Britain, including Bulgarians subject to forced mobilization are also dying. "By supplying the Zelensky regime with weapons, supporting its mindless pursuit of NATO, you are becoming an accomplice in the murder of our people. We call on you, Mr. Prime Minister, to stop participating in this war. We propose to support the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people, one of the main positions of which is to hold open referendums, where citizens of the regions of Ukraine will be able to determine their own fate and choose their future - with Russia, the EU or some other", - states the Representative Office of the Ukrainian people.


The Peace plan of the Ukrainian people is attached to this letter.