The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


All responsible for the barbaric destruction of the obelisk of the hero city of Kyiv will be punished


The barbaric destruction of the obelisk to the hero city of Kyiv and the dismantling of the golden star is a crime for which all those involved will suffer inevitable punishment: both the ideologists and the perpetrators.


The famous 40-meter stele, one of the symbols of the Ukrainian capital, has always been not only a reminder of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the feat of the defense of Kyiv. This is part of the established appearance of the city, an integral element of the architectural ensemble created on Victory Square during the development and prosperity of the country. The deprivation of the obelisk's protective status by the decision of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy was as illegal and politically motivated as the subsequent destruction of the monument.


There is also symbolism in these actions. The ugly ruins in the center of Galician Square against the backdrop of a huge inscription “Ukraine” are a vivid portrait of what the Galician Nazis turned our country into when they seized power after the coup d’etat. And a renewed obelisk to the hero city of Kyiv will certainly appear after the regime of thieves, scoundrels and murderers is demolished.