The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


The first official office of the Ukrainian Representative's was opened in Bulgaria


Today the first official office of the Representation of the Ukrainian People in Bulgaria began work at the address: Varna, Odrin st., 10. In the future, we plan to open our branches in other EU countries.


“The amount of work here is very large, starting from promoting the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people, ending with the complete delegitimization of the war criminal Zelensky and his accomplices. The Zelensky regime has no right to represent the Ukrainian people; what is happening in our country clearly demonstrates the usurpation of power in violation of the Constitution in order to prevent the Ukrainian people from exercising their right to self-determination,” says Dmytro Vasilets, Secretary of the Representative Office.


According to him, official representatives of the Ukrainian people, backed by millions of Ukrainians, methodically and within the framework of the law intend to seek an end to the supply of weapons to the Zelensky regime and his gang, the withdrawal of NATO proxy troops from Ukrainian soil and the dissolution of mercenary units, and the return of the right to self-determination of the Ukrainian people .


Previously, the Representative Office had already sent appeals to the President and Prime Minister of Bulgaria demanding that they stop military support for the Kyiv government and not take part in the war that is taking the lives of Ukrainians.