The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


The peace plan of the Ukrainian people was presented to the Bulgarian human rights activist

Юрий Деркач и болгарский правозащитник Любомир Данков


Last week, a delegate of the Representation of the Ukrainian People in Bulgaria, Yuriy Derkach, held a series of meetings with representatives of the Bulgarian public. In particular, the peace plan, developed by our experts, and offering an effective way to end the military conflict in Ukraine, was presented to the famous Bulgarian human rights activist Lyubomir Dankov.


“Our goal is to make the main positions of the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people as well known as possible. So that the essence of the Representation’s proposals, based on a deep understanding of the situation in Ukraine, becomes accessible both to our like-minded people in the EU countries and to people who are not too immersed in the problem. The main thing is to stop this unnecessary war and the senseless death of Ukrainians in the interests of the West,” says Derkach.


As human rights activist Lyubo Dankov has repeatedly visited both Donbass and Kiev. He became famous for openly declaring that what is happening in Donetsk and Lugansk is not an anti-terrorist operation, but a civil conflict. Dankov was one of those who was the first to openly accuse the Bulgarian authorities of supplying weapons that kill residents of Donbass, and demanded to stop complicity in the crimes of the Kyiv regime.


The office of the Representative of the Ukrainian People in Bulgaria expresses confidence that the acquisition of such allies will greatly strengthen the position of the “party of peace.”