The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Our Peace Plan was presented to the Bulgarian Association "Friends of Bessarabia"


The peace plan of the Ukrainian people, during meetings with representatives of the Bulgarian public, was discussed by the delegate of the Representation of the Ukrainian People in Bulgaria Yuriy Derkach and the president of the Friends of Bessarabia association Valery Delibaltov from Sofia.


More than 200 years ago, fleeing the Ottoman enslavers, thousands of Bulgarians left their homeland and moved to Bessarabia. Over time, the territory to which they moved passed to Romania, Russia, then the USSR, and, in the end, ended up within the borders of Moldova and Ukraine. During all this time, the ethnicity of the Bessarabian Bulgarians was practically unaffected by the states of which they were part or by the official languages they were forced to speak.


Currently, representatives of the Bulgarian diaspora in Ukraine, like other national minorities, are under severe pressure from the totalitarian Nazi regime and are considered consumable material for mobilization.


“In the minds of the Russian and Ukrainian people, Bulgaria has always been a fraternal country. The Bulgarian diaspora in Ukraine is the largest in the world, and these people are also part of the Ukrainian people, who are being destroyed in a war that is alien to them. A war unleashed against Russia by Western countries, where the Ukrainian people are the only just a pawn and a consumable,” the Representation notes.


A destructive and unnecessary military conflict for ordinary people must be stopped, in this the goals of the Bulgarians and Ukrainians completely coincide. And the Peace Plan is the most effective way to do this and is based on a deep understanding of the situation in Ukraine.