The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


The office in Bulgaria has started working with local authorities


The office of the Representation of the Ukrainian People in Bulgaria began working with the local authorities: the draft Peace Plan was presented during a meeting with the head of the Nikolaev community, Konstantin Kostov. As noted by the representative of the Representative Office, Yuriy Derkach, such contacts are very important, since local government in the country traditionally has strong positions and broad powers, in particular in the field of education - preschool education, primary, basic and secondary education.


“The uniqueness of the system of local self-government in Bulgaria lies in the fact that the country, which was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for almost five centuries, without statehood, at the same time had a system of local self-government. The municipalities of Bulgaria for centuries financed Bulgarian schools and took care of the local population. In addition to the municipalities and regions, there are six more so-called planning regions in the country, and this is not an administrative level of management, but conditional associations of regions that have their own development strategies and development councils,” notes Derkach.


According to him, finding allies in such an environment means having the opportunity to convey your position to ordinary people and receive feedback from them. And popularizing the provisions of the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people is a priority task of the office in Bulgaria. This experience will be transferred to other EU countries in the future.