The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


The peace plan was handed over to the Moldovan parliamentarian

The draft Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people would have been presented to the Member of the Parliament of Moldova, Secretary of the Socialist and Communist faction Vladimir Odnostalko, during a meeting at the office of the Representative Office in Bulgaria. As the representative of the Representative Office, Yuri Derkach, noted, this is a good opportunity to convey an alternative vision of what is happening in Ukraine to Moldovan politicians and society.


As a member of the Party of Socialists, Vladimir Odnostalco is known for his principled position and sharp criticism of the anti-people policies of the Moldovan government, and advocates for improving the quality of life of Moldovan citizens who find themselves in a difficult situation. “We have a common understanding that in many ways the problems of our brotherly people are caused by the same reasons why Ukraine lost itself. That pro-Western politicians are leading the country into the same abyss in which Ukraine found itself. However, Moldova still has time to stop and change the situation is for the better. We hope that accepting the positions of our Peace Plan and refusing indirect participation in the war against Russia will save Moldovan society from great trouble,” Derkach noted.


As the Representative emphasized, with the help of new contacts, information work in the Republic of Moldova can be significantly intensified and expanded.