The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


A delegate of the Representation visited the socialists of Moldavian Cahul

As part of the visit of the Representation of the Ukrainian People to the Republic of Moldova, the representative of the Representation Yuriy Derkach held a meeting with the socialists of Cahul. Our draft Peace Plan was handed over to the Chairman of the Socialist Party faction in the Municipal Council and District Council of Cahul, Colonel of the Information and Security Service in the reserve, Marcel Cinusha. As a party instructor of the PSRM, responsible for 11 districts of the south of the country, Marcel Nikolaevich will be able to introduce his comrades to the provisions of the Peace Plan.


“We see a warm response from our Moldovan colleagues, especially since the Socialists are a real opposition party, fundamentally defending the interests of ordinary people at all levels, openly opposing the policies of the current government. These are real like-minded people, and the more of them unite around the right ideas, the more there are more chances that these ideas will be implemented,” Derkach noted.


Next on the working trip schedule are meetings in the capital of Moldova, the city of Chisinau.