The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Peace plan of the Ukrainian people presented to the deputy of the People's Assembly of Bulgaria


The basic political positions of the Representative Office of the Ukrainian People became available for study by members of the Bulgarian Parliament. The draft Peace Plan was presented to Ivelin Pyrvanov, a member of the Bulgarian National Assembly from the Vozrozhdenie (Vzrazhdaniye) party and a member of the Commission on Defence and International Affairs. As the delegate of the Representative Office Yuri Derkach noted, this young political force, established in 2014, is close in spirit and fights to revive hope in the people and eliminate the apathy that has engulfed most of them.


One of the main areas of work of Bulgarian politicians is to restore ties with the diaspora, their goal is to make Bulgaria again a spiritual and cultural unifier of compatriots who are beyond the current borders of the country. It also directly concerns Ukrainian Bulgarians, who make up the largest diaspora in the world. Therefore, ending the war on Ukrainian territory, restoring cultural and trade ties with historical markets is the direct interest of Renaissance, said the delegate of the Representative Office of the Ukrainian People.