The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People



Delegate of the Representative Office of the Ukrainian People Yuriy Derkach met with the head of the Renaissance faction, Kostadin Kostadinov, and a member of the National Assembly from the same party, Ivelin Pirvanov, in the Bulgarian parliament. At the meeting they talked about the promotion of the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people on international platforms as an alternative to the military solution promoted by some NATO countries and representatives of the Kiev regime. 


A number of agreements were reached to promote the ideas of peace and the right of the Ukrainian people to self-determination. "The main priority of our foreign policy of Revival is to maintain good and stable foreign relations, based on mutual benefit, with all countries and peoples friendly to Bulgaria. Contrary to the propaganda that the world is reduced to the EU and the US, our colleagues believe that it is much bigger. They believe that deep ties with old economic partners such as Russia, the Arab world, the Far East and all non-EU countries are important for Bulgaria's economic development. This position is also fully in line with our vision for Ukraine," Derkach emphasised.


The co-operation with the party and the parliamentary faction of Renaissance will be continued in the future.