The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People




On March 8, 2024, a press conference was held in the Bulgarian Parliament by a delegate from the Representation of the Ukrainian People, Yuriy Derkach together with a member of the Bulgarian Parliament from the Revival party, Ivelin Parvanov. Also, the Secretary of the Representation of the Ukrainian People, Dmitry Vasilets, was able to speak online.


The following topics were raised at the press conference:

- political repressions in Ukraine;

- extrajudicial executions;

- ban on opposition parties and facts of the leaders of European countries ignoring the peaceful initiatives of the Ukrainian people;


- complete loss of legitimacy by the Zelensky regime from May 20, 2024.


In the European Union, it is now extremely important to convey the truth about the situation in Ukraine, because the leaders of the EU countries are meeting with Tikhanovskaya and Zelensky, while the opinion of the Ukrainian people is still completely ignored and any alternative to “war to the last Ukrainian” is hushed up.

​​​​​​​That is why we are promoting our Peace Plan for the Ukrainian People, which calls for the withdrawal of Western proxy forces from Ukraine and holding referendums on self-determination in areas where they have not yet taken place.