The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


An office of the Representation of the Ukrainian People was opened in Lisbon

Today the second official office of the Representation of the Ukrainian People in Portugal began work at the address: Lisbon, st. RUA ERMANO NEVES, 18 3RD OFFICE 7. In the future, we plan to open our branches in other EU countries.


“There is a lot of work, from promoting the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people to the complete delegitimization of the war criminal Zelensky and his accomplices. The Zelensky regime has no right to represent the Ukrainian people, the cancellation of elections in our country clearly indicates the usurpation of power in violation of the Constitution, after May 20, 2024, the Zelensky regime will lose absolutely all legitimacy, says Dmitry Vasilets, secretary of the Representative Office.


The representation of the Ukrainian people will continue to conduct explanatory work among European politicians, journalists and public figures about what is happening in Ukraine and protect the interests of the Ukrainian people.