The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Appeal to the Government of Switzerland from the Ukrainian people

According to official statements of the Swiss Confederation, it became known that the Peace Summit on Ukraine will be held on your territory on June 15-16, 2024. In this regard, on behalf of the Ukrainian people we express gratitude to the Swiss Confederation for its position on the speedy resolution of the conflict through negotiations, however, for the effective resolution of the Ukrainian conflict, we believe it is necessary to take into account the interests of all interested parties, especially the Ukrainian people, who are suffering the most terrible losses in this conflict.


Within the framework of the Ukrainian Constitution, Articles 5 and 69, on March 4, 2023, the Representation of the Ukrainian People (hereinafter referred to as the Representation) was created as a protective measure for the preservation of the Ukrainian people and an alternative representative body of Ukrainian citizens in the international arena. The leadership of the Representative Office included well-known Ukrainians, such as Alexander Semchenko, Dmitry Vasilets, Maxim Shikhaleev and others, thanks to this, through an all-Ukrainian vote, more than six million Ukrainians around the world delegated to the Representative Office the right to speak on their behalf and represent their interests.


According to Art. 5 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in Ukraine is the people. The people can exercise their powers both indirectly through the bodies of state power and local self-government they create, and directly through referendums, elections and other forms of direct democracy. The form of direct democracy through which at this stage the Ukrainian people exercise their power is the Representation of the Ukrainian people.


The representation, based on the interests of the Ukrainian people, developed a Peace Plan with a number of features and proposals. We are convinced that our achievements and the vision of the Ukrainian people will be a good addition to the process of peaceful resolution of the conflict, especially considering the complete loss of presidential legitimacy by Vladimir Zelensky from May 21, 2024, according to the Constitution of Ukraine.


Based on the above, we demand that the Swiss Government provide the opportunity for the delegation of the Representation of the Ukrainian People to also take part in the event in order to provide a project for a peaceful settlement not only from the authoritarian regime of Zelensky, which from May 21, 2024 completely loses legitimacy according to the Constitution of Ukraine, but also to listen to proposals for peaceful settlement directly from the Ukrainian people.