The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Memorandum signed with the Lebanese parliamentary group

The representation of the Ukrainian people and the Lebanese parliamentary group from the Lebanese Union Party signed a memorandum of cooperation and interaction in promoting the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people. 


We express our gratitude to our Lebanese partners for their trust and the opportunity to raise the issue of a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine, taking into account the interests of the Ukrainian people, at high parliamentary tribunes. 


Now it is extremely important in the international arena to convey the position of the Ukrainian people, which Western countries always prefer to ignore, relying only on the Zelensky regime and its “peace formula”, which in practice for more than two years is a real “war formula”  


At the same time, it is important to understand that from May 21, 2024, according to the Constitution, the Zelensky regime loses all legitimacy and a priori no longer has the right to speak on behalf of even part of the Ukrainian people.