The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


The manifesto of the Representative office of the Ukrainian people

The continued existence of the aggressive political regime headed by Zelensky, which now occupies the remnants of the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR, means the catastrophe of the Ukrainian people. It has long been unable to perform the basic functions of state power: to protect the right to a decent life, freedom (including political activity), security and personal inviolability, labor, recreation and development. We can only speak of a puppet regime, an occupation administration, which has hundreds of terrible crimes and tens of thousands of ruined lives to its credit.


The solution that we offer to the Ukrainian people is a way out of the current situation, a salvation from a huge danger. From the threat of extinction, dissolution into other nations, loss of self. A real genocide, organized under patriotic slogans of "nation building", but in fact - a purposeful long-term policy that led to war, destruction of the country and forced emigration of millions of people.


All opportunities to solve internal and external conflicts in peace, to preserve Ukraine, to make it successful, were deliberately crossed out. The totalitarian, cannibalistic regime that came to power in 2014 after the coup d'état in Kiev never hid its goals: the imposition of Banderite ideas, the destruction of the Russian language and culture, the canonical Orthodox Church, and war with Russia as the goal of the existence of the Ukrainian people.


Such a goal was also defined by American strategists many years ago and systematically realized. By the hands of "grant patriots" our Motherland was turned into a consumable material for the solution of geopolitical tasks of the United States, and at the same time - into a prison, where citizens are hostages of the authorities and are destroyed in the interests of others. Ukrainians of all nationalities fighting on the front lines are defending the system of humiliation, disenfranchisement, violence and social injustice. They defend their right to be beggars and strangers in their own land, which is managed by foreign masters and their servants in beautiful embroidered shirts.


The senselessness of maintaining the current course of Zelensky's Ukraine, the impossibility of preserving national unity and the lack of prospects for a normal life leads us to a simple conclusion: let people decide for themselves what they need. All parties involved in the war claim to be acting in the interests of the Ukrainian people. But no one has asked for their opinion. We propose to do so immediately.


Our goal is simple and suits absolutely all citizens of Ukraine: to preserve the Ukrainian people as a sovereign subject and bearer of power, to give them the right to self-determination for the sake of their future.


It has never been a secret that millions of Ukrainian citizens are loyal to Russia and would like to remain united with it. This is their right and their choice. The inhabitants of Donbas defended it at a huge cost and have not wavered, despite all the horrors they have experienced. The inhabitants of other regions of the South-East should not repeat this path. There are still enough people who remember that only in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union Ukrainians preserved their language, culture, had any opportunities for growth, stood at the head of armies and the whole state. 


The Ukrainian people, who under the Constitution are the bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power, have the right to choose, and it cannot be usurped by the state, its bodies or officials. 


We are the voice of this people. The only voice not crushed by a totalitarian regime, not hidden by prison walls or grave earth. We speak on behalf of all people of goodwill and are capable of making decisions on our own, without intermediaries. In the current circumstances, this is the only possible and legitimate form of self-organization, opposing the criminal Kiev regime. We unite already more than six million Ukrainians with common ideals and speaking the same language.


We offer not death, but life.


We offer the future.


Make your choice!