The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Declaration of Defense of the Ukrainian People

The All-Ukrainian People's Veche on voting for the Declaration of Protection of the Ukrainian People takes place from 04.03.2023 to 01.06.2023.

We, the multinational people of Ukraine, proceed from the fact that all people are equal and endowed with rights that no one has the right to alienate. Among such rights are the right to life, liberty, security of person, happiness and others. States and governments are created by people to secure these rights. If any form of government becomes detrimental to the very purpose, the people have the right to change it, or to abolish it altogether and establish new forms of government. This, in particular, follows from the norms enshrined in Article 5 of the Constitution, which exclusively vests in the people "the right to determine and change the constitutional order in Ukraine".

A long series of abuses and violence in the country now calls into question the question of the people's own existence. Under these circumstances, the inaction of every Ukrainian is tantamount to a crime against the future. As a result of the 2014 coup d'état and the subsequent occupation of the country, the Ukrainian people are on the verge of physical extermination. The anti-people policy of the government of traitors and collaborators in all areas of public life has led to the fact that on the territory of our country there are fierce battles of geopolitical opponents at the expense of Ukrainians, the mortality rate has increased to a record high, the birth rate, on the contrary, has fallen to a historical minimum. The turmoil organized in our country, the occupiers led to the fact that millions of Ukrainians since 2014 left their homes forever: they simply had no way to survive in their homeland. All of this can be characterized by a single word - genocide, which was arranged for the Ukrainian people by transnational corporations, which have set up camp in Western countries and are building their own well-being by parasitizing on the misfortunes of people, which they themselves created.

We say: "Enough!" We do not want to go to the slaughter as willless slaves, defending the interests of others. We take our own fate, the fate of our born and unborn descendants into our own hands. We proclaim the restoration of our own sovereignty, the sovereignty of the Ukrainian people. We restore the rule of the people.

Special period

Military actions of geopolitical opponents, the arena of which became the territory of our state, accelerated the processes of destruction of the Ukrainian people. On the battlefields on both sides of the conflict hundreds of thousands of the best sons and daughters of the Ukrainian people die: some of them die defending their land, their people, their past and future; others, with consciousness poisoned with the help of combat cognitive technologies developed and improved by Western countries for decades, kill their own brothers and sisters, parents and children, protecting the opportunity for subhumans to plunder the resources of our land, ravage, rape and destroy the Ukrainian people. The times when this battle of brothers is unfolding, we call the Special Period of Danger, because the very existence of the Ukrainian people is under threat.

People's power

According to Article 5 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the people are the bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in Ukraine. As enshrined in Article 69 of the Basic Law, the people can exercise their powers indirectly through the bodies of state power and local self-government created by them, as well as directly at referendums, elections and through other forms of direct democracy. Popular sovereignty and the right of peoples to determine their own destiny are the basis of the existing international legal order, as enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations. The will of the people is the supreme law. Usurping the freedom of the people is the gravest crime.

We, the people of Ukraine, recognize as guilty of this crime all those who organized the coup d'état of 2014, taking control of State power in a manner not provided for by the Constitution, in flagrant violation of the requirements of Article 108 of the Basic Law. All those who contributed to the establishment of the NATO occupation regime are outlawed. We, the people of Ukraine, also revoke the mandate of trust obtained through fraud by the state traitor Zelensky Volodymyr Oleksandrovych, born on January 25, 1978, a native of the city of Krivoy Rog, Dnipropetrovsk region, in the 2019 presidential election of Ukraine. We suspend Zelensky from the duties of the head of the Ukrainian state and warn everyone: the execution of decrees, orders, orders issued by Zelensky makes the executors complicit in his crimes. We order the officers who have remained faithful to the oath of the people of Ukraine to immediately arrest the traitor Zelensky and his henchmen, handing them over to the body authorized by the Ukrainian people to conduct a fair trial.

We, the people of Ukraine, cannot trust people who have disgraced themselves with crimes against us. The traitor of the Ukrainian people, V.A. Zelensky, firstly, realizing the perniciousness of Ukraine's course of rapprochement with NATO, continued this suicidal course; secondly, he blocked the implementation of the Minsk Agreements. Thus, he did everything for the actual authorization of the war between NATO countries and Russia on the territory of Ukraine. By doing so, he betrayed the Ukrainian people and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians on both sides of the geopolitical confrontation.

According to Article 69 of the Constitution, "the people's will is expressed through elections, referendums and other forms of direct democracy". That is, any form of direct intervention of the people in the management of life and destiny of the country is legitimate. In extraordinary conditions of genocide we are forced to make an extraordinary decision - the decision to establish the Representation of the Ukrainian people, the legitimacy of which is confirmed by the All-People's Veche due to transparent voting with the use of communication abilities of the platform "Action" on the site, created for the money of the Ukrainian people, for our money, and other technical means

We proclaim that all amendments to the Constitution and legislation of Ukraine, adopted by representatives of the occupation regime, are null and void, following their norms is equal to a crime against the people of Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about the mobilization measures introduced by the occupants, who are trying to destroy the best representatives of the Ukrainian people, throwing them to death as cannon fodder. We warn that the heaviest punishment will be meted out to all those involved in these measures.

We realize that many have been deceived, and now that the truth has been revealed in its entirety, we, the people of Ukraine, give the military, law enforcers, judges, prosecutors, state and local government officials and other representatives of the Ukrainian people who, as a result of deception, have found themselves in the service of the occupation regime the opportunity to come over to the side of the Ukrainian people. We, the Ukrainian people, guarantee you forgiveness and avoidance of punishment for crimes committed in the service of traitors and occupiers (depending on the effectiveness of your atonement).

Any actions of the armed forces against the occupation regime headed by the traitor of the Ukrainian people, V.A.Zelensky, who calls himself the President of Ukraine (or anyone else who may lead the traitors who usurped power in Ukraine after him), are regarded by the Ukrainian people as actions aimed at protecting the freedom, independence and sovereignty of Ukraine, protecting the life, honor, dignity and well-being of every Ukrainian. We regard this struggle as resistance to the violence of state criminals who betrayed the Ukrainian people. We emphasize: such actions will be fully supported and approved by the Ukrainian people and the legitimate representation of the Ukrainian people.

Social State

As the bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in Ukraine, we, the Ukrainian people, take decisions aimed at fighting the economic genocide, the policy of which has been introduced by the occupation authorities since February 2014, by repeatedly raising prices and tariffs for housing and communal services and energy carriers. We recognize the illegality of all increases in tariffs for housing and communal services and prices for gas and electricity after February 21, 2014. At the same time, we decide to cancel all debts of Ukrainian citizens and domestic enterprises and entrepreneurs for housing and communal services and energy resources.

Rule of law

We, the Ukrainian people, taking the decision on the establishment of the Ukrainian state, proceeding from the principle of the rule of law, reflected in Article 1 of the Basic Law. We proceeded from the fact that the highest manifestation of justice is the absolute equality of Ukrainian citizens before the law. Usurpers, occupants and traitors broke the principle of justice in the first place, and they first turned the law into a document", with which they covered their crimes, and then threw the law on the dustbin of history, replacing the force of law with the right of force. We proclaim the restoration of justice in Ukraine: from now on we have no higher or lower, no privileged or powerless. All citizens are equal before the law, no one escapes responsibility for crimes, and everyone is rewarded for loyalty to the people, labor valor and victory on the battlefield.

Taking into account the letter and spirit of Article 157 of the Constitution, we declare null and void all amendments made to the Basic and other laws of Ukraine by representatives of the occupation regime. Consequently, any grounds for punishing all persons convicted for actions that the occupiers and usurpers have recognized as crimes by their decisions disappear. Political prisoners convicted under the articles of the Criminal Code, which were introduced after February 21, 2014, are subject to immediate release. All persons involved in the development, adoption and implementation of illegal decisions are subject to prosecution, because, according to Article 60 of the Constitution, no one should execute criminal orders.

State power

In the special period we cannot rely on the state and local authorities, which at least since the coup d'état of 2014 continue to serve the interests of the enemies of the Ukrainian people, contributing in every possible way to the physical, cultural and historical destruction of Ukrainians. The number of terrible crimes against humanity is measured in hundreds of thousands and millions. Can we hope that these criminals will suddenly come to their senses, reject their anti-people policy and start serving the Ukrainian people? No!

Extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions. We, the multinational people of Ukraine, according to Article 69 of the Constitution of Ukraine, realizing our sovereignty through other means of direct democracy, have decided to temporarily transfer all powers of state and local government bodies, prosecutor's offices, courts of all jurisdictions to a specially created body for the execution of the freedom of the people of Ukraine - the Representation of the Ukrainian People, which will act exclusively during the emergency period, after the end of which it will transfer all delegated powers to those authorities that we, the Ukrainians, have delegated to the Ukrainian people. At the same time we proceed from the fact that according to Article 5 of the Constitution the constitutional order in the country is determined and changed exclusively by the people.

The Representation of the People is proclaimed the only legitimate representative of the Ukrainian people. The main task of the Representation is to preserve the Ukrainian people as a sovereign subject enjoying all rights in order to ensure the right to self-determination of the Ukrainian people.

People's Representation

We give the Representation of the Ukrainian People broad powers because of the magnitude of the tasks we set for this collegial body. We demand that the Representation of the Ukrainian People take all necessary measures as soon as possible to:

Deprivation of power and authority to speak on behalf of the people of Ukraine of representatives of the occupation regime headed by Volodymyr Zelensky, who calls himself President of Ukraine, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, guarantor of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Bringing to justice before the people of Ukraine those guilty of organizing and carrying out the coup d'état, as well as usurping power in Ukraine, suppressing the rights and freedoms of Ukrainians, stealing the patrimony of the Ukrainian people, inciting enmity and war on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

Restoration of peace and tranquility, sustainable development of the people in their own big house.

Ensuring the right of all administrative-territorial units to realize the right to self-determination (according to Article 73 of the Constitution, which gives the All-Ukrainian referendum the right to decide on issues related to the territorial structure of Ukraine).

Formation of the Strategic Council of experienced and well-known representatives of the Ukrainian people to develop proposals on the policy, which is realized by the Representation of the Ukrainian people.

Fulfillment of other tasks aimed at overcoming the Ruin that fell to the Ukrainian people as a result of collusion of internal traitors and aggression of other countries.

We approve the following personal composition of people's representatives, from which the Representation of the Ukrainian people is formed:

  Dmytro Vasilets

  Pavlo Onishchenko

  Oleksandr Skubchenko 

  Alexander Semchenko 

  Victor Malafeev

  Andrey Ponomarenko  

  Maxim Shikhaleev

We delegate to the People's Representation the authority at its meetings by simple majority of votes to co-opt into its composition or remove from its composition those or other representatives of the Ukrainian people.

The distribution of duties among the members of the Representation of the Ukrainian People and decision-making is carried out at its meetings and is determined by a simple majority of votes.

The Representation of the Ukrainian People is authorized to create any bodies, vesting them with powers (within the framework of delegation of its own powers to the Representation of the Ukrainian People) necessary to perform the assigned tasks.


The Ukrainian people have the absolute right to decide their own destiny. Only the will of the people determines its path to the future. No one has the right to usurp its will. Only the representation of the Ukrainian people has the right to speak on behalf of the people.

Taking into account the special period of geopolitical confrontation between Russia and NATO countries on the territory of Ukraine and the threat of genocide hanging over the Ukrainian people, we ensure the opportunity to exercise the right to self-determination for individual communities and associations of Ukrainian communities.

After the end of the special period, we, the Ukrainian people, reserve the right, in accordance with Articles 5 and 73 of the Constitution, to reconsider the issues of the constitutional order and territorial organization taking into account the realities of the time.

International situation

The Ukrainian people, as a subject of international law through authorized bodies, carries out relations with foreign states, participates in the activities of international organizations to the extent necessary to effectively ensure the interests of the people in all spheres of life.

The loans granted by foreign states and international financial organizations after February 21, 2014, we recognize as personal obligations of the representatives of the occupation regime, for which the Ukrainian people bear no responsibility.

NATO countries interested in restoring good relations with the Ukrainian people should cover the costs incurred by Ukrainians as a result of the coup d'état organized by them and the activities of the occupation regimes they support. The amount and form of compensation, as well as the term of payment, shall be determined by the Representation of the Ukrainian People.

All licenses and permits for the development of minerals, use of subsoil and natural resources of Ukraine, issued to transnational corporations of foreign origin, as well as enterprises, the ultimate beneficiaries of which cooperated with the occupation regime, shall be recognized as null and void. The owners of annulled permits and licenses are obliged to compensate the people of Ukraine within 5 years for the losses and damage caused by the exploitation of natural resources.

Agricultural land illegally sold by the occupation regime to foreign companies and citizens, as well as Ukrainian citizens (and the enterprises created by them) who cooperated with the occupation regime, shall be returned to the ownership of the Ukrainian people. The former owners undertake to compensate the people for losses and damages caused by the exploitation of the land within five years.

Final provisions

The representation of the Ukrainian people, having received the support of the people of Ukraine at the All-Ukrainian Veche, should provide the people with the opportunity to self-determine in the further path of development and unity of the Slavic peoples. This is the most important task, for the fulfillment of which we, the Ukrainian people, give the Representation of the Ukrainian People the highest mandate of our trust.