The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


The Representative Office of the Ukrainian people appealed to Romania

The representative office of the Ukrainian people sent an official letter to the Romanian President Klaus Iohannis demanding not to participate in the killings of Ukrainians as part of the NATO bloc, and also to stop any support for the criminal regime of Zelensky. The leadership of Romania was also sent the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people, which involves the holding of referendums on self-determination in those Ukrainian regions where it has not yet taken place.

It is necessary that every politician in the international arena knows that Zelensky and his gang are criminals and do not represent the Ukrainian people.

Full text of the letter:

To the President of Romania

Mr Klaus Johannis

Dear Mr. President,

We are closely following Romania's actions in support of the Zelensky regime and speak out on behalf of the millions of Ukrainians who do not want to die in the war that the United States and the United Kingdom, together with the EU countries, are waging against Russia at the expense of the lives of our people.

Understanding the limited format of Romanian sovereignty and dependence on the NATO military-political bloc, we draw your attention to the fact that the majority of the Ukrainian people are not eager to die for the interests of Western countries, participating in foreign geopolitical analyzes. Now, with the full military, media, financial and diplomatic support of the NATO bloc, the Zelensky regime has, in fact, taken hostage millions of Ukrainians who are forcibly forced to fight in a war foreign to them. This process is completely anti-Constitutional and is qualified by the Ukrainian people solely as a war crime committed by the Zelensky regime with the assistance of the NATO bloc and in its interests.

We demand that Romania does not contribute to the killing of Ukrainians and does not support the criminal regime of Zelensky, in this regard, we invite you, Mr. President, to familiarize yourself with the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people, the main position of which is self-determination in the format of holding referendums in those Ukrainian regions, in which he has not yet passed. People must determine their own destiny and choose their future - with Russia, specific EU countries or something else. The people's right to self-determination is enshrined in the UN Charter and is basic, especially if it does not contradict the Constitution.

We are in favor of a peaceful solution to the geopolitical confrontation between NATO countries and Russia on the territory of Ukraine and we propose that Ukrainians themselves decide in referendums with whom and how they see their future.

The detailed Peace Plan of the Ukrainian people is attached to the letter. We propose to create a working group to discuss the details and implement these peace initiatives as soon as possible to resolve the conflict.

We are always open for dialogue and ready for any form of cooperation that brings peace to our native land.


Representations of the Ukrainian people Dmytro Vasylets