The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


Bulgarian President invited to establish a working group on the Peace Plan

The creation of a joint working group to promote peace initiatives of the Representative Office of the Ukrainian People at the international level was proposed by an official letter to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev. According to the Secretary of the Representation Dmytro Vasilets, who signed the document, the assessment of the Peace Plan of the Ukrainian People by the Bulgarian leader will be a good start of Bulgaria's peace initiatives on Ukraine. In his address, he emphasized that the Bulgarian diaspora in Ukraine is the largest in the world, and these people are also part of the Ukrainian people, who are being destroyed by the war unleashed against Russia by the Western countries. 

"We have great respect for your political position aimed at ending the conflict, including by limiting military supplies from EU countries. We share your position, regarding the fact that arms supplies to the Zelensky regime do not ensure the security of Europe, but only exacerbate the consequences by working for the continuation of hostilities," the letter to Mr. Radev reads.

In conclusion, on behalf of the Ukrainian people, Vasilets emphasized that the Mission is always open for dialogue and ready for any form of cooperation bringing peace to Ukraine.