The Representative Office Of The Ukrainian People


The Representative Office expresses support for the firm position of the President of Bulgaria


Bulgarian President Rumen Radev vetoed the previously ratified agreement between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the supply of armored personnel carriers to the Kyiv regime, returning it to the parliament for re-discussion. This was reported by the press service of the president on Monday. In justifying the veto, Radev emphasized the reasons with which the Euro-Atlantic opposition, which expects to once again vote for sending old armored personnel carriers manufactured in the 1960s and 1970s, does not agree. According to the president, old equipment can be used to protect the Bulgarian border and provide assistance to the population in case of natural disasters and accidents, including in hard-to-reach areas. "I am guided by the conviction that the safety, health and life of Bulgarian citizens should be the main priority," Radev added. In turn, the representative of the Ukrainian people expresses its full support for such a position. As before, it is aimed at ending the conflict, in particular by limiting military supplies from EU countries. Earlier, in our address to the President of Bulgaria, we noted that the supply of weapons to the Zelenskyi regime does not ensure the security of Europe, but only exacerbates the consequences, working for the continuation of hostilities and the loss of lives. Including representatives of the world's largest Bulgarian diaspora living in Ukraine. The representative of the Ukrainian people expresses gratitude to the Bulgarian president for his quick response to our appeal and deep understanding of the conflict in Ukraine.